We Love a Party

And we also know that planning a party can be stressful or even overwhelming. You want your friends and family to be impressed. You want the food to be delicious. And most importantly, you want everyone to have a good time.

That’s where we come in. We’re creating a new, fun, and easy style of catering. We want to share fun and exciting food, the type that gets your guests talking, the type that keeps them thinking about your party for years to come!

Let us focus on the details because as any great host will say; it's all in the details!



Love love love these girls and their amazing food! We were crazy enough to decide to plan a wedding smack bang in the middle of wedding season, over just 4 months, and they didn't even flinch when I contacted them in a frenzy desperately needing food! They served up the BEST food on Saturday - all our friends and family are raving about it! Could not have asked for anything more delicious, or more lovely girls to work with. It was all so yummy, I cannot pick a favourite. Thanks so much girls, you're all legends xxx


I honestly don’t know where to start. Cargo your simply amazing. You catered my wedding on the weekend & the food and all your staff were simply incredible. Everyone said what amazing food it was. I even had one guests say this is the first wedding where I’m actually going to walk away full. Thank you so much! you are seriously 3 Boss girls running a rock show! Rosie from the planning I felt so confident. Even my venue owner was so happy how you left his kitchen so clean, 
I can’t Thank you enough. Your reviews speak for them selves and that’s exactly how I chose you myself. I wouldn’t look anywhere else cargo is 10/10 xxx


Thank you all so much, it was AMAZING to work with every single one of you beautiful women and we couldn't have been happier with your communication, service, care and all round coolness!


The food oh my life the food, I was a happy little bride with my napkin in my dress (food stains for life!) every single one of our guests was satisfied and extremely happy with their meals! 


Have you seen any of the photos on insta stories? As one of our guests took alot of photos as she is a foodie. You usually don't get photos of the food so we are stoked!


The Bar Lady ! - Our guests have raved about her for days after and have commented that "you just had to look at her and she started fixing up your next drink - and knew exactly how you took it!"  We wanted them to stay and party with us - we loved them all.


And you Rosie!! Are impeccable , just amazing, wonderful, kind, patient with my overwhelmed brain and allll the changes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! 


We could not be happier with our decision to choose Cargo Catering.


Lots of love to you all! 


A •B I G  T H A N K Y O U• to the Cargo crew for feeding our friends and family at our wedding last week. Can't recommend them highly enough. Chelsea behind the scenes makes the planning and deciding so stress free, and Nikki and Megan on the day are pocket rockets; so professional, organised and dedicated. Everyone cannot stop raving about the food...& I was so happy to have 6foot tall footy players walking up to me holding their bellies complaining they'd eaten too much. We were well fed, with brilliant flavours, by gorgeous girls whose truck just added that extra special element to the day. Thanks again ladies, you were divine. Xx

I am an event planner at the University of South Australia, I use Cargo catering because they are excellent not just in delivering great food and beverage packages, but also they become part of you and your brand. They have excellent customer service and they deliver high end luxury style events for a very competitive price. If you have a corporate event, wedding, or a big event coming up, I strongly recommend getting in touch with these guys!


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