Meet The Team

Nikki Lunn

Logistics, sous chef, driver, van reverser, heavy lifter, urban forager

Megsi Lunn

Head chef, instagramer, gumtree collector, dog lover

Chelsea Johnson

Customer service, marketing, Mum of three, useless ideas, occasional amazing ideas


Cargo Catering Co.

Run by three sisters, our muse is travel and the exciting food you find on street corners all around the globe.

We have grown up surrounded by good food. From our grandmother who can't drive past a fig tree without making jam, to our mother who opened one of Adelaide's first pesto and tapenade businesses. We had a restaurant in our lounge room on Kangaroo Island and our Aunt makes the best Kangaroo Island honey ice cream you've ever tasted. We can't help but be excited about food, from urban foraging to our vibrant Central Market and Adelaide's booming restaurant scene. Adelaide is just the place for three food crazy sisters to indulge our passion and run our very own catering company.

Cargo's crowd-pleasing strategy is to provide a menu specifically tailored to suit each individual event.

We love to combine cuisines and put a uniquely Cargo twist on everything we serve.

Plus, we get to gate crash a few parties along the way!

Sister biz of The Speakeasy Hotel and Food Lore Kitchen

37b Goodwood Road

Wayville, South Australia.

Liquor Licence #51212074

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