Scallop collecting on Kangaroo Island

Some will already know that we were lucky enough to grow up on the gorgeous Kangaroo Island. When we get a chance to head home together we are always on the search for an adventure. One night, while sipping a local brew at the cranking KI Brewery we overheard a story about scollops and the large haul a few people picked up while snorkelling recently.

The next day Dad scrambled to register his boat in time for the 1pm low tide. A trip to the local Home Hardware saw us decked out in new mask, snorkels and fins. With a few dollars dropped into the honest box at the boat ramp we were motoring, sea spray in our faces, toward the rumoured scollop patch. Then the boat started to sink. No that's not the end of the story; turned out dad forgot to put the bungs in so with some strenuous bailing we were back on the hunt.

First spot, Niks jumps in, too murky, can't even see the bottom. Next spot, Niks jumps in, again to murky and now she's freaking about about sharks. Just as we were about to throw in the towel and bury our sorrows in a famous KI meat pie we motored over a clear patch of water. Like the eye of a storm this patch was a magical little fairy mushroom ring where strange things happen. Soon we were hauling bag loads of delicious barnacled scollops into the boat.

And almost as if the sea fairies we're watching, we reached our boat limit and the sea blew up and the clouds rolled in. On the way home spirits were high, we had a bucket of our favourite seafood, salt on our skin and dad even let us walk into the bakery bear foot for our favourite KI pie.

#kangarooisland #scollops #hunting #gathering

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